Creating and managing moderator groups

Stan Jobs
Stan Jobs

Guide managers can create moderator groups for the community so that designated agents and end-users can manage community activity. Community moderators can be any users you choose to administer community content.

You can create multiple moderator groups, if you want to set different moderator permissions for each group. If you have multiple Help Centers, any moderator groups you create apply to all your Help Centers.

Moderator groups are based on user segments for signed-in users, which are built on tags and organizations. Make sure you’ve set up a user segment that contains all the users you want to include in the moderator group before you start (see Creating user segments).

You must have Gather Professional to create moderator groups.

To create a moderator group

  1. In Guide, click the User permissions (guide_icon_user_permissions) icon in the sidebar, then select Community moderators.

    You can see any moderator groups that you have already created.

  2. Click Add moderator group.

    Create a moderator group

  3. Enter a moderator group name.

    For example, approve_only_moderators might be the name of the moderator group that has permission to approve posts and comments only.

  4. Set the permissions by selecting the actions you want to enable for moderators in this group.

    • Mark as answered indicates that a comment has been added to the post that answers the subject of a post.
    • Pin to top moves to the top of the posts list within its topic and has a star beside it.
    • Feature post labels the post as “featured” and displays it in the featured posts component, if it’s in your theme.
    • Move post changes the location of the post to another discussion topic.
    • Hide for moderation removes a live post from the community and sends it to the content moderation queue for review. If you want to enable this action for the moderator group, ensure that you have content moderation enabled. Otherwise, this action will not be available to moderators, even if you have selected it here.
    • Approve pending content makes the content visible in the community and removes it from the content moderation queue. This action is not available for content that is pending approval in the spam queue.
  5. Under Add moderators, select a user segment for the moderator group.

    You can only choose user segments for signed-in users, not staff user segments. If you need to create a new user segment, select Add new user segment.

    Matching users appear below.

    If your user segment includes agents, they will not appear in the matching list, even though they have the correct permissions. See Creating user segments for Guide user permissions.

  6. Click Create group.

The moderator group is created.

When a user that has been added to the moderator group next signs in to the community, they will have additional user permissions that enable them to moderate content.

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  • Comment author
    Jack Mah

    Hi there, community moderators don't have the option to set the post status to 'Planned, Not planned, Completed' like agents can. Is this by design? Or can this be somehow resolved so that the community moderators have all the status available?

  • Comment author
    Vera Yang

    Hi Jack, this is expected behavior as moderators will not be able to access all the post statuses that would normally be available to regular agents on the account. So you're right, this is by design.

  • Comment author
    Jack Mah

    Ok, that makes sense. Thanks for responding, Vera.


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