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Jess Bezos
Jess Bezos

Enabling customer satisfaction ratings

By default, customer satisfaction ratings is disabled. You must be an administrator to enable it.

You can also enable satisfaction reasons, which allow you to add a follow-up question to negative survey responses.

To enable customer satisfaction ratings

  1. In Support, Click the Admin icon (manage_icon) in the sidebar, then click Settings > Customers.
  2. On the Satisfaction tab of the End-users (customers) page, click Allow customers to rate tickets.

Zendesk Support is now set up to send your end-users the customer satisfaction rating email. Enabling this also creates a new automation called Request customer satisfaction rating (System Automation) and a view called Rated tickets from the last 7 days. Both can be modified as needed to suit your workflow.

For information about using the Explore reports for customer satisfaction, see Viewing your Customer Satisfaction score and ratings.

Using customer satisfaction rating placeholders

Aside from the placeholder mentioned above,{{satisfaction.rating_section}}, the customer satisfaction rating feature adds four other related placeholders. All of these placeholders can be used in various ways and are described in the following table.

Placeholders are best used in triggers and automations. Inserting them into a macro or comment creates a plain text version of the CSAT request, which permits other users to submit a satisfaction score for the requester and requires end-users to click the URL and sign into your Help Center to complete the survey.

Table 1. Customer satisfaction rating placeholders

Placeholder Description
{{satisfaction.rating_section}} A formatted block of text prompting the user to rate satisfaction.
{{satisfaction.current_rating}} The text value of the current satisfaction rating, either Good or Bad.
{{satisfaction.positive_rating_url}} A URL to rate the support positively.
{{satisfaction.negative_rating_url}} A URL to rate the support negatively.
{{satisfaction.rating_url}} A URL to rate the support (positive or negative are not pre-selected).
{{satisfaction.current_comment}} The comment that the user added when rating the ticket.

Reporting on customer satisfaction

You can view CSAT reports on the Satisfaction tab of the Explore Zendesk Support dashboard (see Overview of the Zendesk Support dashboard). If you are using Explore Professional, you can also build your own custom reports based on customer satisfaction data.

If you haven’t enabled Explore, view your score and ratings in the Satisfaction dashboard. For more information, see Viewing your Customer Satisfaction score and ratings.

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