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You can customize your Help Center’s stylesheet and add your own custom JavaScript code. For tips, tricks and other helpful resources, refer to the following articles:

Custom themes are not supported by Zendesk and are not automatically updated when new features are released. See The difference between standard and custom themes.

Customizing CSS or JavaScript

The following steps describe how to edit your theme’s CSS and JavaScript within Zendesk Guide.

  1. In Guide, click the Customize design icon (Customize icon) in the sidebar.
  2. Click the theme you want to edit to open it.
  3. Click Edit Code.

    Edit code

  4. Click script.js to modify the JavaScript or style.css to modify the CSS.

    The file opens in the code editor.

  5. Add or modify the JavaScript or CSS in the code view.
  6. Click Save in the top right to save your changes.

    The changes are applied to your theme.

  7. To preview your changes, click Preview (see Previewing your theme in Help Center).

    Edit code preview

  8. Make other code changes as needed, then click Save.

When you’re finished, you can close the file.

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