Viewing community moderator activity

Tom Cook
Tom Cook

Guide managers can see all community activity in moderation activities.

This is a view of all actions taken by community moderators, as well as any actions taken by the community itself. For example, you can see if posts have been approved or featured by community moderators, or if someone has moved or deleted their own post. If you haven’t set up any community moderators yet, see Creating community moderator groups.

Moderation activities is a historical record of activity in the community. If you want to change any of the actions applied to a particular post or comment, you need to do that in the post or comment itself.

To view moderation activities

  1. In Guide, click the Moderate content (Moderate content) icon in the sidebar.
  2. Click Moderation activities. The Moderation activities page appears.

    Moderation activities

    You can see all the actions that have occurred in the community, including information on the event, the relevant article or comment, who moderated the content, and the date of the activity. You can sort events by date.

    • Event: shows the actions taken for a post or comment.

      These actions might include Hide for moderation, Approve, Pin to top, Feature post, and Mark as answered. See Managing community posts for all actions you can take on a post or comment.

      If a post has been moved, hover over the post and you can see information about the original location and the new location of the post.

    • Content: shows the post or comment that has been actioned.

      Click the text in Content to go to the post or comment.

      If a moderator hides a post or comment, and then deletes it, there is not a link to the content because the content has been permanently removed from the community.

    • Moderated by: shows the avatar of the moderator.

      Hover over the image to see the name (or alias) and role of the moderator.

    • Date: shows the date of the action.

      You can sort the events in ascending or descending date order.

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