Adding translations to sections and categories

Vera Yang
Vera Yang

Any translated article must have a parent page translated in the same language. If you add a translation for an article that does not have a corresponding translation for the section or category, users will not be able to view the article in Help Center (even though the article is published).

The page hierarchy is as follows:

  • Category landing page
  • Section landing page
  • Article.

For example, if you add an article translated in German, the article must have a German section page. In turn, the German section page must have a German category page. The Help Center cannot display orphan articles.

When localizing your Help Center, it makes sense to start by adding localized versions of category pages, followed by section pages, followed by articles. This workflow guarantees that any new translated article has a parent section or category page that’s translated into the same language so that users can view it.

You must be a Guide Manager to add section and category translations.

To add a translated title for a section or category

  1. In Guide, navigate to an existing section or category.

  2. Click Edit section or Edit category in the top menu bar.

    Edit section

  3. Select a language for the translation you want to add from the list at the top of the page.

    Localize section

    If you do not see a drop-down menu of languages, then you first need to enable languages for your Help Center (see Enabling languages for your Help Center).

  4. Enter or paste the translated content for the name and (optionally) description.

    Keep in mind that any translated page must have a parent page translated in the same language. After you add the translation for the parent page, you can click Refresh and it will take up to three minutes before the change is registered.

    You’ll see a warning if you add a translation for a section that does not have a corresponding translation for the category. As a best practice to prevent these warnings, create the translated categories first, then go through and translate the sections.

  5. Click Update translation to create the translated version of the page.

  6. Repeat the steps to add more translated pages.

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    This article was great! It really helped me solve an issue I was having with a translated article I had in French.


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